9 Examples of How to Use Buyer Personas for Better Messaging

Buyer personas are powerful tools that help sales and marketers to better align their messaging so as to speak to the heart and soul of their ideal customer.

While most established businesses take time to create their ideal buyer personas, solopreneurs like you and I often brush this off, which is a costly mistake.

To help you better understand how you can align your messaging so as to make your products and services appeal to your prospects, I have outlined examples of how to profile your customer in the 9 different monetization models.

To give you a rough idea, let’s look at these two examples spanning across different monetization models:

How to Use Buyer Personas for Better Messaging

Monetization Model & NicheProfiling Information
1: Affiliate Marketing Niche: Blogging and web hosting reviews for food bloggersThe customer is an enthusiast looking to start a food and recipe blog. She enjoys cooking, photography and DIYs kitchen projects.

My promise: I’m a veteran blogger who has been tinkering with blogs for a few years now. I’ve tried several web hosting services and other blogging tools. I want to help food bloggers with tips on choosing the best web hosting companies, grow their traffic and monetize their passions
2: T-shirt and Apparel Business Niche: Classic Inspirational wear for work at home momsThe customer is thirty something old work at home mom who loves classic wear with inspirational messages around her niche.

My Promise: I’m a work at home mom who enjoys creating awesome apparel designs for my fellow work at home moms. I want to start an online store through *Teespring where I create my own custom apparels and sell them to my ideal customers

(*Teespring allows you to just design products and start selling on your store. Teespring takes care of the printing, packaging, and shipping of your products to your customers)
3: Fulfilled By Amazon Niche: Handmade JewelryMy customer is a fashionista who likes trying out new custom luxurious items.

My Promise: I’ve been creating my own homemade jewelry that my friends love, and I now want to start selling online through Amazon.

*FBA is an eCommerce model where you ship your products to Amazon fulfilment center and Amazon takes care of the shipping once orders are received from your customers.

(Thus, you take advantage of the huge traffic that Amazon gets every day.)
4: Infoproducts Niche: Home décorMy customer loves decorating her own home and keeping things neat, tidy and in order

My Promise: Am a home décor expert that runs a successful home décor blog. I want to help my ideal readers to put their homes in order through my step-by-step guided eBooks and online courses.
5: Display Ads Niche: Food and Recipe (Keto, Paleo)My readers love cooking and trying out new recipes. They also have their own small recipe blogs that they are still young.

My Promise: I want to help readers find recipes that help them stay fit and healthy.

Notes: I suggested Display Ads as this is a niche that tend to get tones of traffic especially from YouTube and Pinterest, so this can be quite profitable with Ads, but other monetization models should also be brought into the mix.
6: Productization Niche: Virtual assistance (mini agency- Pinterest ManagementMy ideal customer is a busy online business owner who is looking to drive targeted traffic to her website and convert visitors into leads

My promise: Having grown my own blog traffic successfully through Pinterest, I want to help my clients replicate this model so that they can grow their customer base, reach and thus income.
7: Printables Niche: Home schooling / Meal plans / Work from home / Home décor Printables for Busy MomsThe customer is a busy mom juggling work, her side hustle and her family life. She’s looking for ways to stay organized and get stuff done quickly.

My promise: I’m an organizational nerd helping moms with easy-to-use printables that help them with their homeschooling needs/ Meal plan needs/ Home décor needs (Pick just one)
8: Freelance Services Niche: SaaS Freelance WriterThe customer is a software developer or an owner of a SaaS company who is looking for content that attract organic traffic, bring targeted audience, and compel them to act.

My Promise: I’m a freelance writer that helps SaaS companies develop content that boosts leads and generate organic SEO traffic.
9: Memberships Niche: Amazon sellersMy ideal customer just started selling on Amazon and looking for ways to make more sales, improve customer service and get more positive reviews in their stores

My Promise: Through my expertise running different Amazon stores, I want to help new sellers to understand the platform so as to grow their income and become the entrepreneurs that they were born to be.

The membership site will contain training courses, video tutorials, checklists, and other resources to help my customers in their Amazon business. Also included are biweekly office hours, Members only Facebook groups and discussion forums

A 360 knowledge of your ideal audience will help you in successfully segmenting your list, so you can promote the right offers to the right customers.

Mysson Victor
Mysson Victor

Mysson is a freelance writer who creates compelling content in online business, SaaS and Digital Marketing niches.

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Mysson Victor
Mysson Victor

Mysson is a freelance writer who creates compelling content in online business, SaaS and Digital Marketing niches.

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