Of the Matters of the Heart, and If You Know You Know

Wooh, 60 days of January are over, can you believe that?

How have you been? And by the way, thank you for responding to my last month’s sanity letter. I have always been groomed by your words, dreams, and passions

Talking of passions, love appears to me to be the greatest of them all. I’ve always approached matters of the heart as an opportunity to unfold that side of us that can only be unlocked with the key of love…

Because love makes us believe, attempt things that we normally wouldn’t, going to places we’ve never gone, discovering that part of us that we never thought it existed.

But most importantly, it allows us to capture those moments, when nothing else in the world matters, when hands are held, and assurance of forever ascertained. Affirmed. When silence makes sense because communication now happens through the eyes staring at each other… When the mood is ‘if you know, you know’

So if you’ve found someone to love, I pray that you may learn to do so, giving your heart the chance to feel and to be, because as much as it hurts, people do part ways, that’s the eventuality of life: Break-up, death.

But before that happens, you need to have enough moments to go back to, when the person you loved will no longer be there to hold your hand.

And if you are in the process of loving (again,) I assure you, better humans are out here, just open your heart to see.

Till next month, smile entirely, love truly and pray always (And take care of yourself)

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